Ward 12 Update – December 2010

I would like to take an opportunity to thank residents Ward 12 for hiring me to represent you in council for the next three years.

Your overwhelming support has strengthened my resolve to make the necessary changes that Calgarians are demanding, and ask the hard questions of what we can do differently and how we can manage this great city in the interests of our citizens.

Concerns that affect Ward 12, such as bringing the LRT to the southeast and the development of recreation facilities in Seton, and throughout southeast Calgary, will become front and center during my term as alderman. These are issues that I will not lose sight of.

Transparency, where and how we spend your tax dollars, transportation and growth are key concerns to many Calgarians and these are issues that concern me as both an Alderman and resident of Ward 12 as well.

I will be an active participant for the ward, and for the city, on four committees:

· Standing Policy Committee – Community & Protective Services (Vice-Chair)

· Standing Policy Committee – Land Use Planning & Transportation

· Land & Asset Strategy Committee

· Inter-Municipal Committee – Rocky-View

With the holiday season just weeks away, I wish each of you all the best and I look forward to hearing your thoughts, concerns and questions regarding these and other issues that concern you.

Alderman Shane Keating

Phone: 403-268-2478

Email: eaward12@calgary.ca

Twitter: @shanekeatingald