Ward 12 Update

February 2011

January saw the issue of the future Southeast LRT come back to Council. In November of 2010, a newly elected Council was asked to decide the fate of close to $1 billion of provincial and city funds (that were to be dedicated to a Southeast LRT plan.

The options we were asked to consider, after only having been in office for less than a month, were options that I did not feel comfortable agreeing to.

After careful deliberations with several Aldermen, I put forward a motion to delay the decision on the future of the LRT until Council could ask questions of the plan and get clear and concise answers on what the money would be used for.

After several rounds of meetings I felt that there was a clear set of guidelines given to Administration to put forward a report to Council.

It is my hope, and an issue that I campaigned heavily on, that there will soon be a direct link from the site of the new South Calgary Health Centre to downtown.

The report is expected to come back in mid-January, after this update will have been sent to press. I hope to have a result to report in the March update; however, for the latest news on Ward 12, including the Southeast LRT you can visit my website at the http://shanekeating.blogspot.com/.

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