The Closure of 52nd Street S.E.

This summer, beginning on August 13, 2011, 52nd Street S.E. (between 94th Avenue and 106 Avenue S.E.) will close to make way for bridge construction and lane improvement.

This will drastically impact residents of Ward 12,and Ward 9, who rely on very few options to travel to and from work, schools, childcare and any other destination in the city.

With the ongoing construction on Deerfoot Trail and the lack of a direct transit link, or SETWAY, to the rest of the city, Barlow trail will become the main artery for motorists in the ward. My office is working with the City’s Transportation department to find solutions to alleviate the congestion that will occur following the closure.

Some measures that my office is proposing are:

  • Adjust the timing of traffic lights at Barlow and Glenmore to allow a better flow of through traffic northbound;
  • Install temporary lights at the corner of 114th Avenue and 84th Street
  • Allow duel left turns on Shepard Road to Glenmore Trail

It does not make sense to me to reduce a major freeway to one lane northbound (Deerfoot Trail) at the same time as restricting thousands of commuters with the closing 52nd Street for a year while building the entire leg of Stony Trail.

The widening of 52nd Street will be a great relief to residents of Wards 12 & 9 when the work is completed in August 2012, but it raises the concern of how the City of Calgary and the Government of Alberta can work better, collaborate and do things differently.

You can view the rendered drawings of how 52nd Street will look following the year long construction and see how the work that will be done will vastly improve our access from Ward 12 to the rest of the city.

Below is a copy of the confirmation that my office received. As more information comes available, and as the measures that I am proposing go into effect, my office will keep the residents that are affected by this disruption up to date.

Received July 19, 2011

Alderman Keating:

This is to inform you that the temporary closure of 52 Street S.E. between 94 Avenue and 106 Avenue will begin on August 13, 2011.

This closure will last for at least 12 months (weather permitting) to allow for the construction of two new bridges over the Western Headworks Canal (WHC) and the CP Railway tracks, widening of 52 Street between 94 Avenue and 106 Avenue, a new storm water management system, deep utilities relocation, relocation of pipelines, power distribution and transmission lines, and a new digested sludge crossing under the canal.

Prior to this temporary closure taking effect, a number of new access roads are being built for the businesses along 52 Street between 90 Avenue and 106 Avenue S.E.

During the closure, The City suggests motorists use Barlow Trail as the main alternative to this portion of 52 Street, with access from either Glenmore Trail, 90 Avenue, 106 Avenue or 114 Avenue.

All the construction for this project must be completed by March 31, 2013 in order to comply with federal government funding guidelines stipulated in the Gateways and Border Crossings Fund Contribution Agreement between the Government of Canada and The City of Calgary for the 52nd Street Expansion Project.

For more information, visit the 52 Street S.E. Road Widening project page on The City’s website,