What Calgary Means

Last month my office hed a contest for students who live in Ward 12 to tell us in what ever creative way they could what their Calgary meant to them and invited them to join us last weekend for Ward 12 at the Zoo.
We had over 70 extremely creative entries from children throughout the ward.

Below is a poem that we received that we felt said it all.


Submitted by:
Janet Li
A grade 5 student in Ward 12
My Calgary is so beautiful
It makes people faint.
It is so detailed that
Leonardo daVinci can’t even paint!
The clear skies are always bright blue
There’s nothing in Calgary that you can’t do.
We’re free everyday
We have our rights and our choices
We can sing we can dance
We can make loud noises.
The people are so nice,
There’s not one that doesn’t smile
Coming to Calgary is definitely worth while
Once you come,
I guarantee you won’t want to leave
We’re polite and sweet,
We always say please
There’s nothing to worry about in Calgary at all …
But there are no months, just snow and Fall!