Frisbee Fling

On Saturday, September 10, 2011, the communities that make up Ward 12 came together for a day of bouncy houses, hot dogs and fun.

Our intention was to gather everyone together to break the Guinness World Record for the ‘most Frisbees launched simultaneously’, but unfortunately we fell well short of the required number to beat the record.

We did have a Plan B up our sleeve to create a spectacle that would leave an impression on those who attended. Our Plan B was to treat everyone involved, including some special guests, to the World’s Largest Paper Ball Fight.

Below are two one of the video’s that were taken to capture the record attempt.

The record for the paper ball fight is a new record according to Guinness World Records. We will be sending this video, along with other corresponding materials to Guinness World Records to verify the attempt.

Special thanks goes to all of the sponsors (South Point Toyota, Alison Redford, Rick Fraser, Scarlett Francis Pet Sitting, Canada Safeway, Pattison Outdoor Advertising, McDonalds, Riteway Signs) who helped to make this day a success.

Thanks also goes to the City of Calgary staff who went above and beyond to prepare the large field at St. Albert the Great School in preparation for the Frisbee toss.

A final accounting of the funds that were raised will be done, and all proceeds will be given back to the Community Associations that took part on Saturday.

Original Entry

What are you doing on Saturday, September 10th, 2011? Do you want to help break a Guinness World Record, and support several community associations?

Alderman Shane Keating would like to invite you and your family to join him for the Frisbee Fling.

The Frisbee Fling event will be an exciting experience for the entire family that will bring fun, excitement and a possible Guinness World Record to Calgary. It will give Calgarians an opportunity to get to know and support the community associations that make up Ward 12.

The Frisbee Fling will take place on Saturday, September 10, 2011 in the field adjacent to St. Albert the Great school in McKenzie Towne.

To help cover the cost of the event and provide funding back to the communities, a wristband to participate in the event or attractions bought for $2.00.

City Wide Towing will be cooking up some BBQ where hungry participants can grab a hot dog and a pop for $3.00.

All proceeds will be divided up between the participating Community Association that make up Ward 12.

This unique community event will treat more than 1000 people, of all ages, to a variety of carnival style games, music and a meet and greet with Alderman Shane Keating, culminating in a Guinness World Record attempt.

The Guinness World Record that will be broken will be for the most Frisbees launched simultaneously.

The current record is 853 participants throwing a Frisbee at the same time.

Shane Keating was elected as the Alderman of Ward 12 in October 2010’s civic election, as one of five newly elected councillors.

Since taking office, Alderman Keating has spearheaded the campaign to link the communities that make up Ward 12 to the entire City of Calgary transit network with the creation of a future LRT system called the Southeast TransitWay (SETWAY).

Alderman Keating is leading the charge to reduce unnecessary spending by the city and seeking ways to combine resources that will make it easier for Calgarians to access services. Most recently, Alderman Keating passed the motion to thank those in the Canadian Forces who volunteer their time and their lives serving overseas for the sacrifices they have made.

One of his campaign pledges during the 2010 civic election was to host a community wide event that would promote and support each of the 10 diverse communities that make up Ward 12.

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