Southeast TransitWay (SETWAY)


Calgary Transit has initiated the predesign for the Southeast Transitway, or SETWAY, working to improve public transit services in Southeast Calgary.

Between 1999 and 2006, Calgary Transit completed functional studies for the future Southeast LRT – one of six LRT lines planned for Calgary. For more information, see

These studies identified a feasible alignment for the LRT as well as high-level land requirements and costs. To build the entire length of Southeast LRT between the downtown and the South Health Campus in Seton would cost upwards of $2 billion. In the absence of sufficient funding for LRT, The City is studying options for staging improvements in the form of bus rapid transit (BRT) on exclusive transitways.

A Transitway is an exclusive roadway for public transit buses that includes stations and transit terminals. The term originated in the Ottawa region in Ontario, where the bus-based Transitway currently serves as the core of their rapid transit network.

Options for the SETWAY will be developed to improve travel time, reliability and convenience for Route 302 ( and other routes in Southeast Calgary. SETWAY options will be evaluated under The City’s Sustainability Approach according to four perspectives:

  • Environment
  • Community well-being
  • Economy
  • Smart growth and mobility

What is a predesign?

The predesign process will refine the technology, infrastructure, right of way, land requirements to get the SETWAY ready for detailed design and construction. The early phases of the predesign will identify what incremental improvements will serve Southeast Calgary best in terms of improved travel time, reliability and convenience. It is anticipated that the SETWAY will be developed incrementally to best use available funding. The later phases of the predesign will include comprehensive transit-oriented development (TOD) planning in priority station areas.

When will public engagement be held? 

The first public engagement events will be held in Fall 2011. The City will present findings on the early phases of the predesign to the public for input before making a recommendation on improvements to City Council. Additional public engagement, including comprehensive TOD planning, will be held in 2012 as the predesign advances.

Will the Province of Alberta’s GreenTRIP funding be used?

At the direction of City Council, The City has made an application to The Province for GreenTRIP funding for the SETWAY. Completion of the initial phase of the predesign is a necessary step in refining the application. The City must identify what segments of the SETWAY it proposes to construct, along with the one-third local matching funds required as part of all GreenTRIP projects.

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