November 7, 2011
For Immediate Release

The Way It Used To Be

Can you imagine coming down to City Hall, or community office close to home, to apply for a business license or building permit on a Saturday, or after conventional office hours during the week? Aldermen Shane Keating can.

Spearheaded by Alderman Keating, the Maximizing Service Delivery and Workspace motion will be presented in Council on November 7, 2011. The initiative is intended to open the doors of City Hall and allow Calgarians wishing to access certain city services the opportunity to do so without having to take the customary 2-3 hour lunch break that is common today.

The Maximizing Service Delivery and Workspace motion seeks to:

  • Bring City Hall to Calgarians by putting a larger focus on the concept of shift work for certain city employees
  • Extending the hours of city services during the week, and on Saturday
  • Moving towards shared and flexible work spaces rather than dedicated workstations
  • Assess job and work flows to be better conducive to flexible work schedule

Launching this innovative concept of making city services work for Calgarians, Aldermen Keating and Demong have launched a YouTube video, “The Way It Used To Be”, to shed light on how City Hall needs to become current and user friendly.

  The video can be found here: (insert link to Shane’s site)