Public Submission Speaking List for the City’s Upcoming Budget Deliberations

City Council budget deliberations will begin Monday, November 21 at 9:30 a.m. in Council Chambers.  From Wednesday, November 9 to Thursday, to noon on November 17, citizens can register their name on a list to address Council. 

Citizens can address Council up to a maximum of five (5) minutes regarding the proposed 2012 -2014 business plans and budgets.  After the citizen’s address, Council will have the opportunity to ask questions to the speaker.  If you have materials, please bring 35 copies for distribution. 

To sign-up go to the budget website or if you do not have a computer citizens can also call 3-1-1.  Once at the online registration form and click on “Request this Service” highlighted in blue on the page.  When filling out the form, please provide your full name, daytime phone number and a valid email address.  They are required to complete the submission.  You will be emailed a confirmation number which will prove your registration.  After you have submitted your request you will be contacted, by either phone or email, on or after November 17 regarding a speaking time. 

Please provide a preference about when you would wish to speak by writing your preference in the “additional comments” box on the form.  You can request to speak during the day (starting after 9:30 am) or during an evening session (starting at 7:15 pm) on Monday November 21.

If you do not register ahead of time, you can still speak during the budget deliberation but you will need to drop by Council Chambers at 9:30 AM on Monday, November 21 to physically put your name on the speaking list.  It is your responsibility, after registering and being contacted with your time, to be ready to speak in the Council Chamber at the assigned time.  If you miss your time on Monday, you will have to wait until the speakers list is finished before you can speak.


Question: Why is The City doing this?

Answer: This is an experiment to help make the speakers list more accessible and convenient for the public.  In past budget deliberations, if citizens wanted to speak to Council about the budget you had to show up on Monday morning, be placed on the list and then wait your turn, which could be hours.  We wish to try and accommodate citizens with more convenient times to speak.

Question: Why can’t I book an exact time online?

Answer:  The amount of time Council will spend hearing public submissions will be determined by how many people want to speak.  It may be only a few hours, or it may be days.  That’s why we will contact you on or after Thursday, November 17, when we have a estimate of how many citizens have already registered.  Citizens can speak during the day as well at a special evening public submission, starting at 7:15 pm, on Monday November 21.

Question: How can I confirm that I am registered?

Answer: You will be emailed a confirmation number.  Keep your confirmation number as proof of registration.  

Question: Am I on the right form?

Answer:  The link from the Budget website will take you to the right form, just click on “Request this Service” highlighted in blue on the page to input your contact information.  If for some reason you are not at Budget – 2012-2014 Council Public Submission – Speaking List, look for “1. Select Service Type” in the top left hand side of the screen.  See it?  Click on it, then click on the tab just below 1. Select Service Type that says “Please Select. . .” you should see a number of options, select the third item from the top of the list it is called “Budget – 2012-2014 Council Public Submission – Speaking List“ click go and then wait for the page to refresh and click on “Request this Service” highlighted in blue on the page.

Alternatively: If you do not see it, or cannot get the tab to work, type in Keywords “budget” and press “Go” then wait for the page to refresh and click on “Request this Service” highlighted in blue on the page.

Question: What if I have an issue, I’ve not been called back with a time?

Answer: If you have not been contacted by the morning of November 18 about your time, please contact the Office of the Mayor at 403-268-5622