My personal thoughts in memory of Jason Letourneau

It has been 8 days since Jason’s passing. It is very difficult to begin when the one I am writing about usually sat across the desk from me. Having given myself time to reflect, I am now able to write about him.

We would start by defining the topic, and then writing a few main points, bounce around positions. Then I would write and Jason would take my chicken scratch and form a document clear, concise and would resonate with the reader.

With Jason I believed in this saying “Surround yourself with individuals better than you and success will be easy”, Jason certainly fit that role.

In the two years I worked with Jason a friendship grew from respect and admiration of talents and integrity which defined him. Despite the hardships and roadblocks Jason encountered, he did not falter, just planned a road around them.

It was approximately 6 months after we met that I found out he had had a heart transplant. Jason was explaining that he would have to miss work to see the doctor for a check-up.

Discovering another commonality, I had a niece who also worked at City Hall; she did not live long enough to receive a lung transplant. Jason was always open and honest about his health issues, he never expected or wanted any special treatment, although, he would do his utmost to ensure anyone who needed help would receive it.

Jason can rest knowing that one of his many original ideas has lived on. During discussions of the South East LRT, branding as an idea helps all understand and identify the concept. Jason was able to bring “SETWAY” to birth and it has stuck. Attesting to his creative side, along with the song “Those Rings” he had recorded which may be purchased at ITunes.

Jason was a great example of how City Hall is changing. There is a greater presence of social media and open communication. Jason was a great wizard in this area, teaching this old dog a few new tricks. Jason was an integral part of shaping a new way of thinking, creating a better Calgary, not just our area Ward 12. Our office worked as one without the worry of stepping on toes, a true sense of “team”.

We were joking one day and Jason said “Yes master I am your servant” I quickly replied “Oh No! You are my Dobby and I will never give you socks”. Jason had not seen the movie Harry Potter so did not know the meaning of my statement. We then spent the next 20 minutes watching YouTube clips of Dobby laughing the entire time. I believe Jason also knew he was neither a servant nor slave, but a confidant and equal. Often we would chat about a topic not sure how to interpret the situation, Jason’s response was always “Trust your gut”. That is why Jason worked with me, because I trusted my gut and knew Jason was an exceptional individual.

Calgary, City Hall, Ward 12 and I have lost a great advocate and true friend.