UPDATE : McKenzie Towne roundabout line paintings

Due to an overwhelming amount of citizen feedback, The City has decided to remove the traffic pattern in the McKenzie Towne roundabout. Our crews will be removing the painted lines located in the roundabout the week of December 10, weather permitting, during low traffic times. In conjunction with the line removal, crews will also install temporary curved line segments to divide each line on the east and west of the roundabout.
Although the nature of this work may require lane closures and/or detours for up to two hours, we will give adequate notice to the affected communities and businesses prior to its start. We expect to have a more exact date and time of when this work can be completed, by next week.
The line segments will be installed to pronounce the definition of the two lanes located in the roundabout, and assist motorists as they revert to an un-painted roundabout. The signs and lines located outside of the circle will remain in place. The City of Calgary always has citizen safety at the forefront of every project we endure. The removal of the lines in the McKenzie Towne roundabout will still meet municipal and national safety standards.

A few frequently asked questions have been raised throughout this process:
Why can’t we have one continuous dotted centre line dividing the roundabout’s lanes?

Using a continuous dotted line within a roundabout would actually negate the ‘yield to the vehicle on the left’ rule while inside the roundabout.  The line would create the illusion that motorists would have to yield to vehicles on their right. This design would potentially create major points of conflict for motorists, and does not adhere to both national and municipal safety standards.
Why aren’t there lines painted on Prestwick Boulevard exit, Inverness Gate and McKenzie Towne Gate S.E.?

These roadways are not wide enough for two standard lanes to be created. This means that two vehicles could not travel side-by-side and stay within the lanes without potential conflicts arising.
The City recognizes that the immediate installation and removal of these lines has a significant impact on area motorists. For this, we appreciate your cooperation and patience.

For more information on how to drive a roundabout please visit this page or type “roundabout” into the Calgary.ca Search bar. Also visit The Alberta Transportationwebsite for a comprehensive video on roundabouts.