World’s Longest Banner Record.

Please help me to support Organ Donor awareness by participating in the World’s Longest Banner Record.

Below is a email I received from a Ward 12 constituent who’s life was also impacted by organ transplantation.
Hey there family & friends,

So a friend I made during the Transplant Games (Maria Stranaghan) has been working diligently to break a world record for the “World’s Longest Banner” and she’s asking for participation from as many people as possible.  While I’m not a quilter or into stitchery, I do know that many of you out there are and if this is something you would like to take part in, I’d be most grateful!  As many already know, my sister Lisa did get her double lung transplant in April but sadly she passed away in October due to complications – she was lucky enough to have received the second chance at live that organ donation provides and for that I am still very thankful.  I wasn’t sure if I could help with this project or not; but then decided that often others love to pitch in and help with good causes like this, so I’m going to ask for your help here …

First, you’d need to find a one meter square green fabric (any shade of green is good).

Second, you need to choose one of the words below to highlight on your fabric and email me your choice.

1- May 5th 2013
2- Peace River
3- Alberta Canada
4- Participant
5- Worlds
7- Banner
8- For Organ – &; Tissue
9- Donation
10- A gift of life

Thirdly, begin your crafting, stitching, quilting, sewing, stamping or go crazy with markers or glitter or whatever – but have fun with it!

Finally, email or call me to get the piece picked up. 

I’ll take the ten fabric pieces to my Member of Parliament’s office at some point between now and the end of April and get a picture taken which I’ll send to my friend so she can add it to her World’s Longest Banner record for May 5, 2013!

Now, I understand it’ll take a bit of effort (even just finding 1 meter of green fabric) BUT if you are at all interested, please email me back and we’ll see if this is going to work.  I’ll need ten so if you’re super keen and want to do more than one, that’d be great as well.  If you know a quilting group and would like to share this around, please do!



Shauna Rivait

ph/fax: (403) 257-4680 cell: (403) 690-4152