McKenzie Towne Roundabout, Pedestrian Crosswalks Revisions

The Ward 12 office has been advised that the revisions of the Roundabout Crosswalks have been approved with-in this year’s Various Streets Improvements Roads budget for construction this year. Actual timeline for construction is not known but I have been advised that we will be given further details as they become available.
Crosswalks and ramps are being moved back from the circle to conform to new TCA (Transport Association of Canada) guidelines. The TCA guidelines now specify a minimum distance from the outer edge of the circle to the crosswalk. This will give space for a car or two between the circle and the crosswalk and hopefully, less blocking of the crosswalk.  

Further the existing ramps will be removed and no warning signals for the crosswalks are being installed.

The Ward 12 office is looking into hosting an information session ahead of construction to make constituents aware of these changes.