My response to the leaked video.

Please note:  This blog post is not as well written as I would have liked.  However, given time constraints of today’s schedule and my promise to provide comment I wanted to apologize beforehand if it is not fluidly written.

In response to the video released by Global TV, I see three areas of concern;

Integrity of Council.
Contributions over the allowable limit.
Comments by Cal Wenzle

Integrity of Council 

Let’s start with my response sent to Global TV after viewing the complete video.

“After seeing the video that is not continuous, therefore not knowing what comments are missing. The comments made about me are true I use logic and common sense in my decisions. One can talk about tact and some inappropriate comments by the presenter but nothing leads to any Councillor voting as told to vote.  I can honestly state that all decisions I have made and will continue to make are in the best interest of Ward 12 and The City of Calgary. ” only a portion of the comment was aired.

This is what Mr. Wenzel said about me. 

“Shane has proved to be a really, really good guy. I even congratulate him on some of the stuff he’s done, only because he appears to use logic and common sense, which is a wee bit lacking at city hall right now.”

There was no mention of me being on their side nor voting as they wanted, in fact Mr. Wenzel stated he congratulates me for some of things I have done.  Clearly I have been open, transparent and forthright in all items I have brought forward.  I have been involved in many initiatives over the last 2.5 years.  I have been told by some City of Calgary administration staff that ” I may support items but I do ask some tough questions”.  Mr. Wenzel states “some of the the stuff” as with all organizations or individuals, if I’m doing some items for all then my representation to all and not to just one organization. 

I believe that the above comments demonstrate that I am doing the job I was elected to do; to ask questions and utilize common sense in all my decisions.  Please see attached some of my Notice of Motions.

The initial creatively edited Global piece, aired only parts of the video that appeared to be out of sequence and in isolation of previous comments.  

The following comment by Mr. Wenzel, could have multiple possible interpretations; 

“(Shane) Keating we have looked after, Diane (Colley-Urquhart) we looked after and Peter Demong,” 

Many questions have been asked what does ” looked after” mean?  When watching the video in it’s entirety you will see that Mr. Wenzel starts with Ward 1 and comments whether he has made a campaign contribution.  As the review of Wards and Councillors continues Mr. Wenzel approaches Ward 12, 13 and 14 simply stating “looked after” meaning he has given a contribution.  In my case, I did receive a $1100 cash donation and $900.00 for 6 individuals to attend a dinner fundraiser.

I would hope that Mr. Wenzel’s comments would be what most individuals I engage with whether CivicCamp or Home builders would say, that I am a nice guy and use logic and common sense on all decisions at City Council.  If an item is not in the best interest of Ward 12 and Calgary as a whole, I will not support it in anyway.

Campaign Contributions.

I believe if there is abuse of the ethical guideline concerning campaign contributions in kind or cash these should be investigated fully.  Further, I am not very knowledgeable in donations laws pertaining to charitable and non-profit organizations.  Therefor, I leave this item to those who are.   

Comments by Cal Wenzel

All citizens and corporations are allowed their democratic right, what needs to be addressed is tact and inappropriate comments by Mr. Wenzel.  I believe that the present council is working well in terms of a congenial relationship and voting record.  On any issue you will notice different Councillors voting for and against items and that body of individuals will change as the issues change.  There is No control of City Council and due to the political independence of Calgarians I do not believe candidate slates will ever work.  I will continue to support my City Council, Ward 12 and The City of Calgary in an ethical, honest and transparent style until I am no longer a member of this Council.

MOTION                                                              DATE                                    

Fluoride                                                             January 10, 2011              

Alternatives for a Future                                  July 4, 2011                                                                                                        
Motorsports, Arts and Cultural
Yellow Ribbons                                                 July 25, 2011                                                      
Honouring Serving Soldiers                                       
Evaluating The City’s Land                             July 25, 2011                                                                     and Building Holding’s
Sponsorship of LRT Stations                          Sept 12, 2011                                                                and City owned buildings                                                                                                                                                               
Calgary Kart Racing                                         Sept 12, 2011                    
Maximizing Service Delivery                            Nov 7, 2011                                                                   and workspace                                                                                                                                                                                         
City-Wide Street Furniture                               April 23, 2012                    
Fees Collected for Corrective                         April 23, 2012                                                  Actions                                                                                                                                                                                                
Public Art Policy                                                June 25, 2012                    
LEED Certification                                           June 25, 2012                    
Zimmer/Cemetery Land Swap                        July 16, 2012                      
GreenTrip Funding                                           Oct 15, 2012                       
Veteran s Mobility Support                              Oct 15, 2012