A post from one of my staff

As a born and raised Calgarian I have to say watching the flooding event unfold over the last couple days has been surreal.

After processing the captivating images I found myself as I’m sure most did, with a strong urge to assist.  I came across a post on facebook asking for volunteers at one of the emergency evacuation centers and signed up with a representative of the Stampede board for the night shift.  While getting ready to leave my 8 year old daughter asked mommy where are you going and why.  I explained that people had to leave their homes and some have no place else to go and that I was going to help at one of the temporary shelters.  As to why, I explained that being a good citizen includes helping others in need and that if it was us that had been displaced from our homes the hope is that others would be there for us.   

When I showed up for my shift I did not know what I would be doing or who I would be working with but there was an overwhelming number of us.   What both surprised and impressed me was how many of the volunteers like myself work for the City of Calgary in some capacity.  I met many great individuals from Community and Neighborhood Services, Roads and Water Services in addition to those from Alberta Health Services, The Red Cross and the Stampede Board.   

It was a very humbling experience