Calgary Floods Update


We continue to have control and capacity in the Glenmore Reservoir. This is very good news.

§  downstream of the Glenmore Dam remains at a flow rate of 130 CMS

§  downstream of the Bearspaw Dam remains at 650 CMS

§  at the confluence flow rates have been consistent at around 800 CMS

There continues to be lots of questions about the taste and smell of the water. It remains of high quality, and drinkable.

Water Services continues to do great work. (samples of water) . Impressive that they can turn this (murky) into this (clear, and compare with bottled water).


The City has identified and confirmed new Park ‘n’ Bike sites in all four quadrants. You can see the sites and routes between the lots and downtown on the and Bike Route Map:

§  There are 14 lots that are accessible to safe and connected to on-street bike routes and pathways unaffected by the flood

§  People can park their cars at the lots and walk, bike or car pool

§  Each lot is within 5-7km of downtown (20 min ride)

§  Two lots were provided by private land owners: SAIT and Mayland Heights Shopping Centre

§  There will be signs on site to identify the lots

§  The lots are temporary and will be reverted back to normal use when the downtown is fully open.

Some permanent Park and Bike lots are impacted by the floods. Please see the individual lots below for their status.


Despite ongoing messaging, safety and poor decision making continues to be a concern.

§  no generators inside homes. It is unsafe.

§  Fire has completed 398 water rescues.


People who have not been able to return to their home because of damage are asked to explore options for finding places to stay as reception centres are still experiencing high demand.


Significant progress continues to be made by Roads crews in the downtown core.

§  70 percent of the road network in the flooded area has been restored (up from 50% at noon)

§  Approximately 730 lane kilometres of the downtown core have been swept (up from 500 at noon)

Downtown travel

Macleod Trail in both directions will be open into the downtown core all the way to 4 Avenue for local traffic as of 5 a.m. Wednesday morning. City crews will also open 4 Avenue, including the flyover, 5 Avenue and 6 Avenue for local traffic.

Traffic lights are still not operational in some areas of downtown. Portable stop signs have been set up and motorists in the area should exercise extreme caution.

However, access is still restricted in the downtown core and access is for local traffic only. Access is restricted to emergency crews, Calgary Transit vehicles, building owners and property managers who need to assess their buildings and City and recovery crews who are working to restore buildings to full operations.

General travel

Please stay off city streets if possible. Stay home, work from home or consider alternate forms of travel like Calgary Transit, carpooling, cycling or walking. Portions of downtown are still either inaccessible or access is restricted. In areas where access is available, parking is limited due to flooding in parking garages.

The City has established 14 Park and Bike sites in all four quadrants of Calgary. These sites allow people to drive their cars and park for the day, and then walk, bike or carpool into downtown.

§  Each site is within 5-7 km of downtown (a 20-minute bike ride)

§  The goal is to relieve some traffic volume expected as downtown opens.

§  Thank you to SAIT for opening their P1 lot on the south end of campus, and Maryland Shopping Centre for opening their parking site to Park and Bike folks free of charge

§  You can find the map with Park and Bike site locations, and routes between the lots and downtown, on Search “Park and Bike”.

§  Signs will be in place to identify the lots

Motorists are asked not to park on streets in communities where clean-up efforts are underway. Residents are piling debris and regular garbage on their front lawns and Waste & Recycling crews are having difficulty accessing some streets to collect debris. Residents and their guests should use garages and driveways where available.

The Calgary Parking Authority is relaxing back alley parking restrictions temporarily to accommodate clean-up crews. Please ensure there is adequate room for emergency vehicles to get through back alleys.


Transit is slowly getting back to normal. We thank the ridership for their patience and understanding as we get things back online.

We talked earlier about the modified CTrains being back in service – this is great news for commuters.

Your best bet detailed transit service information is to go to

We have been able to re-activate two sanitary lift stations and restore sanitary sewer services to Roxboro and Bowness.

The City’s sanitary system is dealing with the high ground water that other utilities are dealing with and service may still be interrupted at times.

If anyone experiences sanitary system problems, call 311.