Post-Flood Reaction

Dear Calgary,

My heart goes out to all affected by the flooding across Calgary and Southern Alberta.  Over the past week I have witnessed and heard countless acts of kindness and generosity. I wanted to take the time to thank those who provided shelter to families in their homes .  I am very humbled at the willingness, selfishness, and efficacy in which Calgarians come together to support one another. An incredible number of you continue to bring much needed resources to emergency evacuation centers. For those of you who still want to help please visit the Calgary Clean-Up Event on Facebook or the website.  A number of organizations are accepting donations:

Canadian Red Cross
For assistance and location of family members call 1-866-696-6484.
To volunteer to assist with clean-up efforts call 1-866-628-6565.
Canadians can donate to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Floods Response at the website or call 1-800-418-1111.

Salvation Army
Canadians can also donate to the Salvation Army Alberta Relief Effort.  Call 1-800-725-2769.

Calgary Drop-in & Rehab Centre
The centre is seeking various goods and supplies including socks, underwear, hygiene supplies, blankets and pillows, towels and plungers.  Call 403-699-8260.

Other organizations seeking assistance include the YWCA of Calgary and Volunteer Calgary.

If you have been evacuated and are waiting further instruction, the Calgary City News Blog lists all the re-entry information centers as well as re-entry instructions so that you and your family can safely return home.  

Below are all road and bridge closures as of 11:13 p.m., June 25, 2013.  I will continue to update this list as information becomes available.

View an interactive live map of road and bridge closures provided by Google Crisis Response.

Bridges CLOSED – Bow River:

  • 5 Avenue Flyover closed to the public (restricted access – Transit Only)
  • Centre Street Bridge: lower deck only closed (upper deck open).
  • 4 Avenue flyover closed to the public (restricted access – Transit Only.)
  • Langevin Bridge (Edmonton Trail) closed to public (restricted access – Transit Only)
  • St. George’s Bridge (12 Street)
  • Baines Bridge (Zoo Road) (restricted access)

Bridges CLOSED – Elbow River:

  • McDonald Bridge closed to public (restricted access  – Transit only)
  • 9 Ave SE Bridge closed to public (restricted access – Transit only)
  • MacLeod Trail Northbound bridge is closed.  Two-way traffic situation on SB bridge allows limited travel in both directions between 25th Avenue and 17th Avenue SE.
  • 25th Ave Bridge – major roadwork underway


  • 4th Street W (17th Avenue to 10th Avenue) – restricted access
  • 12 Ave South (14 Street SW to 3 St SE) restricted access
  • No access to 3rd Street east of City Hall and 9th Ave between 2nd Street and 3rd Street East 
  • Lafarge Access Road Closed to Public (East of Deerfoot Trail – restricted access)
  • Heritage Drive between Heritage Meadows Road and Glenmore Trail SE (EB/WB)
  • 9 Avenue west of 8th Street E (restricted access)
  • 12 St (Zoo Road) between Memorial Drive and 8th Avenue SE (restricted access on Baines Bridge)
  • No access from eastbound Memorial Drive to Saint Georges Drive NE
  • EB Memorial slip road from Baines Bridge  to 12 Street NE (restricted access only)
  • EB Memorial Drive from 4 Street NE to Crowchild Trail NW
  • Back Alley between 25 Ave and 27 Ave South – West of Macleod Trail closed due to sink hole.
  • 25 Avenue west of Spiller Road to 4 Street SW

The following is the June 25 (a.m.) key messages on the Calgary power system, as provided via CEMA for this morning’s Mayor media briefing.

·         4 out of 7 zones in the downtown core are re-energized (53% of the core)
·         Power Restoration Work Progresses in 12 residential communities
·         Following inspections by the City,  Enmax isactively restoring power to the following   residential communities:
–          Scarboro, Sunalta, Inglewood, Montgomery, West Hillhurst, Bowness, Bridgeland, Deer Run, Discovery Ridge, Douglasdale, Quarry Park and Sunnyside (except East of 5A Street)
·         There are 9 residential communities that are not cleared for power restoration, which include:
–          SW Elbow Park, Rideau, Roxboro, Riverdale, Stanley Park, Erlton, Cliff Bungalow, Ogden and Beltline
·         In communities that have been re-energized, homeowners and tenants will be able to assess the status of their electrical system. In the re-energized communities, homeowners and tenants should be aware that if the power is still off, a City safety inspection will be required in order to restore power to their property.  These can be arranged through 3-1-1 and will be given a high priority.
·         Currently 1,800 remain in the reception centres and at university.

Flood-Related Transit Information

Downtown Shuttle
McKenzie Towne Express
Hidden Valley Express
Erin Woods Express
Lakeview Express
Applewood Express
MacEwan Express
Cranston Express
Deerfoot Centre
Panorama Express
Valley Ridge Express
New Brighton Express
Riverbend Express
MRU North Express
Lions Park
MRU South Express
Douglasdale Express
Downtown / East Calgary
McKenzie Express
Foothills / Parkhill
Harvest Hills Express
Heritage Park
Douglas Glen Express
Coventry Hills Express


Councillor Shane Keating Ward 12