Temporary Signs

The City reminds Calgarians to avoid illegally placing temporary signs

July 18, 2013 08:17 AM

Animal & Bylaw Services launched its annual illegal temporary sign blitz to remove improperly located posted advertisements on Thursday, July 18. Any sign that fails to comply with the Temporary Signs on Highway Bylaw will be removed with the sign owner being subject to fines.

“The public safety aspect is really our biggest concern,” said Abdul Rafih, Operations Co-ordinator with Animal & Bylaw Services. “Motorists need to be able to see oncoming traffic and pedestrians shouldn’t be tripping over these signs when they’re walking down sidewalks.”

Last year, a sign blitz launched in June led to 1,500 signs being picked up over a two-week period. During 2012, Animal & Bylaw Services received just over 2,000 complaints about illegally placed signs with Bylaw Officers removing more than 6,500 illegal signs “There are rules to follow in placing temporary signs safely which are outlined in the bylaw,” said Wall. “We understand that people’s need to advertise their businesses, but it needs to be done in a safe manner.”

To be in compliance with the bylaw, temporary signs must be:

  • At least 30 metres away from an intersection.

  • At least 10 metres away from a crosswalk.

  • Two metres from the curb or edge of the road.

  • 0.6 square metres or 2X3 feet in size or smaller.

Temporary signs can’t be:

  • Placed on a traffic island, centre median, or if the placement creates a potential traffic or pedestrian hazard.

  • They can’t be attached to a street light pole, traffic control device, fire hydrant, Plus 15 bridge or sound attenuation wall.

  • They can’t be permanently affixed or supported by string, rope, wire or metal stakes or if the placement causes damage to municipal property.

Temporary signs must also:

  • List the name, address and phone number of the owner and date the sign was placed.

  • Not be displayed for longer than 14 consecutive days or for more than 24 hours after the advertised event has ended.

Bylaw officers can impound any signs found in breach of the bylaw. Fines range from $50 to $200. The Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw 29M97 also includes a list of roadways where signs are prohibited or restricted. To read the bylaw, visit calgary.ca/bylawservices. To report an illegal temporary sign, contact 3-1-1.