Southeast Ring Road Opening

Frequently Asked Questions

What was The City of Calgary’s involvement during construction of the southeast portion of Stoney Trail?

  • Traffic safety and detour traffic management on connecting roadways.
  • Signal and intersection timing changes during construction on adjacent corridors like 52 Street to adjust for capacity.
  • Responsible for several detours during construction, in particular, the closure and rerouting of both 84th Street and 88th Street SE
  • Access road connections at major intersections like 114Avenue and Peigan Trail.
  • Truck route detours and high load corridor access from the southeast industrial areas.
  • Guide sign designs
  • Working with Alberta Transportation on 311 inquiries and citizen complaints/concerns.
  • Continued focus on traffic management partnerships with Alberta Transportation on Deerfoot Trails and other connecting major roadways.

How will this affect traffic in the southeast?

  • The addition of the southeast leg of Stoney Trail is a welcome addition for Calgary drivers.
  • This opening will alleviate congestion, in particular for industrial traffic (semi trucks, etc.) making their way through or around Calgary on Deerfoot Trail in peak periods.
  • The roadway is designed for future expansion including additional connections to the City’s road network.

Will the Province now turn over Deerfoot Trail to the City of Calgary?

  • No. The City anticipates that hand-over will occur when the entire ring road system is complete (following the west and southwest sections being constructed).

Who will maintain the road?

  • The Province has contracted a private company to maintain the roadway including winter snow clearing.
  • Costs to operate and maintain the road are covered by The Province.
  • The City will maintain the roads that cross over or under Stoney Trail east such as Glenmore Trail.
  • City Roads staff have established protocols to coordinate our activities and insure all areas are properly maintained.

Who will police the road?

  • The new section of the ring road is within Calgary city limits.
  • It is within the jurisdiction of the Calgary Police Service.

Is the road completely finished?

  • Not completely.
  • Drivers may also see some ongoing finishing touches along the Southeast Stoney Trail route as the contractor has one year to complete construction details.
  • This work includes primarily off-street activity such as area restoration, finishing work and grass-seeding.