Energy Efficient Street Lighting

Good News for Douglasdale Residents!

My office is working with Calgary Roads Department on a pilot project to upgrade the lighting in parts of Douglasdale.  The LED technology will be retrofitted in the new year with the potential for a larger scale conversion program.  The project team in conjunction with my office will communicate with community associations in areas where the LED lights are being installed, and we will maintain a consistent dialogue with residents for the duration of the project.

We are looking to maintain ongoing and consistent communication. In order to this, we will gather feedback and engage in conversations with citizens in areas affected by the upgrade.  This will primarily be done using this website, 311, and social media.



It offers the benefit of substantially reduced electricity and maintenance costs, while maintaining recommended lighting levels.  LED lights also result in a better quality of lighting on Calgary’s roads, improving people’s ability to see pedestrians and other vehicles.

In comparison to High Pressure Sodium fixtures, LED fixtures present an opportunity to reduce light wastage.  This reduction in light wastage also results in energy conversation and efficiency, as well as the reduction in the cost of operating Calgary;s street lighting system.  Controlling glare and light trespass are guiding factors as Roads completes the requirements specification for LED street lights.