Snow and Ice Update

Both City and contracted crews are working over the week to finish up Douglasdale, Quarry Park, and Copperfield.  Last week, the The City announced its Snow Action Plan to maintain residential roadways, which includes several types of snow and ice control measures including snow removal.  This is the second week of the action plan, and crews are on schedule to enter Northern Cranston this week with an eye of finishing the entire area community by early next week.

Contracted crews are working alongside City crews to tackle snow clearing in these areas.  The average snow fall for this (December to early January) is just 8 cm.  With the heavy snow fall, we have received massive dumps and everything in between. The Snow Action Plan developed by City Administration is set up in such a fashion to let crews remove snow in the most efficient manner possible.  Crews will address every roadway, but in some cases that may mean no action will be taken. This also means that I cannot instruct crews to clear or remove snow in one area over another.  My job has been to make Ward 12 a priority.  Based on limited resources this still means that certain communities in southeast Calgary will be completed before others. I also can continue to push Administration to be timely and efficient.  I have a responsibility to address the current Seven Day Snow and Ice Control program.  It doesn’t account for multiple snow falls in a short time period.  Don’t forget that snow removal is not part of the current policy and is not budgeted for.  I will work with Council members to address this going forward.

While I encourage Calgarians to contact the City with information, call volumes remain high with calls into the 311 Call Centre. To avoid extended waits or delays, citizens are reminded that Service Requests are able to be filed via the 311 Calgary App, or online at