Membership on Family and Community Engagement Councils (FCECs)

Membership on Family and Community Engagement Councils (FCECs)

On December 11, 2013, the Building Familes and Communites Act received Royal Assent.  This legislation enables Alberta Human Services to establish Family and Community Engagement Councils that will:

  • indentify social issues, opportunities, challenges and potential solutions;
  • build relationships, co-operative spirit and a common purpose;
  • involve community partners such as health advisory councils, municipalities, Aboriginal agencies, the private sector and non-profit organizations;
  • offer advice, make recommendations and report on social-based issues, needs, solutions and outcomes; and
  • achieve outcomes identified by more than 31,000 Albertans in Albert’a Social Policy Framework;

Please see for more details.

Consider becoming a Council Member if you:

  • are passionate and knowledgeable about your community
  • want to identify and drive social change
  • are open to new ideas and different approaches
  • know how to build relationships, manage issues and collaborate to get results
  • interact with respect, accountability, integrity and excellence