Roads Spring Clean-up & Pathway and River Cleanup

Roads Spring Clean-up & Pathway and River Cleanup

Roads Spring Clean-up

The City’s annual Spring Clean-up program is just around the corner. Spring Clean-up typically begins in mid or late-April and continues until just before Stampede rolls in. Spring Clean-up removes the material that was placed on the roadways for Snow and Ice Control during the winter months. This road maintenance helps make our roads safer, protects the environment, and improves the appearance of city roads.

Sweeping of residential areas is done during the day (generally Monday – Thursday). Sweeping of major roads and commercial/industrial areas is done during the night (Sunday – Wednesday). To find out when sweeping is scheduled for your community, watch for signs in your area, visit

Pathway and River Cleanup

For the past 47 years, The City of Calgary has partnered with sponsors to host an annual pathway and river cleanup where volunteers participate in a springtime city-wide garbage cleanup. This year the event is scheduled for Sunday, May 4th.

The Pathway and River Cleanup is about community and sustainability; it’s about Calgarians coming out to care for Calgary’s highly valued parks, pathways and river valleys. Calgarians are passionate about keeping Calgary clean and healthy, and this enthusiasm is evident through the overwhelming support Calgarians provide for this event. The City’s objective is to promote environmental stewardship and raise awareness of the litter that accumulates along the pathways and river banks during the winter.

There is a year-round need to keep Calgary’s parks, pathways and river valleys clean. If members of the public are interested in year-round volunteer opportunities with Parks, they can call 311 or visit for information.