April Break-in in the Shepard Community

April Break-ins in the Shepard Community

Last week my office became aware of a home burglary in the Shepard area. The homeowner left her residence for 45 mins. Upon return she found a woman with short blond hair on her property. The woman acted as though she was dropping off a laundry basket of items, but was at the wrong house. The homeowner didn’t notice anything at first, but when she got closer to the woman she threw the basket in her car and drove off. Upon inspection the homeowner realized that the door was open and she indeed had been robbed.

The burglar is described as a young woman clean cut with short blond hair. The vehicle was a dark blue 200 Chrysler. The neighbors reported that they remembered seeing a vehicle matching that description in the neighborhood.

Here are some tips to prevent a Burglary:

  • The most important thing you can do is report a burglary or any suspicious activity.
  • Lock all outside doors and windows before you leave the house or go to bed.
  • Keep your garage door closed and locked.
  • Make your home look occupied.