Food Monitoring and Preparation Update — April 22nd

Flood Monitoring and Preparation Update – April 22nd

Over the coming months, the City of Calgary will be communicating regularly with citizens, addressing three key questions:

  • Is Calgary going to flood this year?
  • What is The City doing to prepare?
  • What can I do to prepare?

The City has created a special web site – – which features background content and a weekly video. Next month, we will be holding open houses for citizens. Today, we are launching a weekly email update for citizens and employees who have subscribed, which can be viewed at this link:

Some key points:

  • The City prepares for the possibility of flooding every year. Over the next few weeks, City staff will be testing and preparing equipment. This is the normal procedure.
  • City efforts are focused on preparation and response, to ensure public safety and protect critical infrastructure.