May 13 – Flood Preparation Update

Below is the Flood Preparation Update for this week:

A flood information open house will be held Thursday, May 15, at Foothills Academy, 745 37 St. N.W., 6-8 p.m. Officials from The City and the Province will be on hand to answer citizen questions on flood recovery and preparation. The session is open to all.

UPDATE: Officials from Land Use Planning & Policy will be on hand to discuss proposed amendments to the Land Use Bylaw to align with the Province’s flood hazard area requirements

  • The snowpack melt is a contributing factor to increased run-off. However, the single most important factor in determining the degree of flooding is rainfall in the watersheds.
  • During the peak run-off season May 15-July 15, Water Resources’ river engineers monitor the rivers twice daily and produce analysis reports twice weekly.
  • Last year’s floods have altered the rivers’ courses quite dramatically. In addition, there is additional debris such as trees and roots along banks. The Calgary Fire Department has re-issued a River Safety Advisory. Safety of citizens is a prime concern as the recreational river season approaches.
  • The flood information on has been amalgamated into a single location – Sections on Recovery, Preparation and Commemoration contain the relevant information. Among new additions this week:
    • Neighbour Day, June 21 – a celebration of the spirit of Calgary
    • Flood mapping – including inundation maps.

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