Communities Unite in Push For Green Line LRT

The website is now live!

Community associations from across Calgary have partnered together to help launch a new non-profit Foundation that aims to see LRT built on the city’s Green Line in the near future. The organization, entitled the LRT on the Green Foundation, began to take shape in March when various stakeholders were brought together to discuss the best ways to address Calgary’s most urgent transit need.

The “Green Line” LRT will pass through six city wards and is projected to have an immediate impact on the lives of 270,000 Calgarians. The Green Line will also serve two regions of new greenfield development that are about to welcome an additional 120,000 people to the city as well as serve Calgary’s three new employment hubs.  The growing traffic congestion along this corridor negatively impacts the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of Calgarians as well as the businesses. LRT on the Green Line is something that is needed now, not twenty years from now.

For LRT on the Green Foundation media inquiries:

Doug Hayden

(cell): 403-616-0000