New NHL Arena

Keating’s Friday Short Blog: New NHL Arena

My office recently received several emails from concerned residents about the possibility of building a new NHL arena. I support the idea of a new area, so long as residents can be assured that no city funds will be used to build it. A new arena needs to be funded by private equity, and tax payers should not be burdened with these costs. The City of Calgary has many, many other priorities including, but not limited to, flood mitigation, reducing congestion into the core and building an LRT on the “Green Line”.

Prior to the election last fall, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation surveyed candidates about this issue. They asked  “Do you support using municipal tax revenues or city infrastructure grants from the province to fund the construction of a replacement for the Saddledome?” I was very adamant that I wasn’t in favour of publicly funding a new arena.

I think there are things that The City and Council can do to help facilitate the building of a new arena.  We could possibly assist with the regulatory process or cut through red tape. We could also consider making an in kind land donation.