Raising Awareness for the “Green Line” and SETWAY

Raising Awareness for the “Green Line” and SETWAY

Ward 12 is producing a video on the need and benefits of the “Green Line” and SETWAY. We want to hear from you. What are your experiences using public transit in Calgary? Residents of Ward 12, and Calgarians who use or otherwise rely on Calgary Transit, tell us about your commute. Tell us about your frustrations and adventures, and what challenges you have with the bus service? How do these challenges impact your life? How would improving public transit benefit you? What are your hopes for the future of public transit in Calgary?

We are looking to hear from a minimum of:

a)      three individuals who ride the 302 bus;

b)      someone who drives from Ward 12 to downtown for work;

c)       someone who lives in another part of the city but commutes to work in Ward 12;

d)      someone who drives or takes a bus to commute using the other LRT lines;

e)      someone who goes to school and takes transit; and

f)       someone who takes the 302 occasionally;

Submit your story  to cclward12@calgary.ca or call 403-268-1698.

We look forward to hearing from you.