Pine Creek Riverbank Stabilization along the Bow River

Pine Creek Riverbank Stabilization along the Bow River

Construction of the Pine Creek Riverbank stabilization is scheduled for Sept. 15, 2014. More information about this project is provided below. During the June 2013 Flood a portion of the bank along the Bow River adjacent to the Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant suffered significant riverbank erosion including damage to the emergency outfall. As a result, The City of Calgary will stabilize the slope to protect the riverbank from further erosion, protect enmax infrastructure and repair the emergenct outfall and access road.


  • Rehabilitation and stabilization of approximately 1 km of riverbank.
  • Rehabilitation of the existing 2700mm Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant emergency outfall.
  • Rehabilitation of the existing site access road located at southeast corner of the site and running under Deerfoot Trail S.E. Bridge.

Construction impacts:

  • Access will be via 194 Ave S.E., south of the community of Chaparral.
  • Construction traffic is anticipated to be reduced since rock material needed for the stabilization was delivered to the site earlier this summer.
  • 311 will be advised of project

Construction Duration:         Construction is scheduled to start on September 15 and may take up to 12 weeks to complete.