An Introduction to the Green Line

In 2014 Council was able to secure over $500 million that will be dedicated to the Green Line Southeast Transitway (SETWAY) over the next 10 years.  Calgarians deserve to have the best possible value for their tax dollars, and this project is a very large component of progressing Calgary’s infrastructure.   The SETWAY is an amazing opportunity for a quadrant of the City that has largely been neglected from a transit infrastructure perspective.

Some of the first building blocks of this project will be coming online in 2015, and the planning for the full route is moving forward.   While many other areas of this City have enjoyed ease of access for transit for years, the South East has faced issues accessing public transit.  The Green Line is an exciting project, and its time has certainly come!

My office developed a video that goes into great detail about the Green Line and the impact it will have on South East Calgary.  This video explores the demographic changes in the South East and shows how Transit Oriented Development can play a key role to densify without negatively impacting previously existing communities.

You can view the full video here:


In 2015 I will be reaching out to stakeholders across the City to explain what the Green Line means to the future of Calgary.  In order to move this project forward the City of Calgary will need to leverage local funding to secure investments from the Federal and Provincial governments to have an LRT line that runs from North Central Calgary all the way through to Seton and the South Health Campus.

If your business or community is interested in hearing about how the Green Line will make a difference in your life, please contact me here.