This week I launched a new page on my site.  My new Green Means Go tab gives you a one stop shop for everything you need to know about the Green Line.  This tab is part of a broader communication strategy by my office to continue to raise awareness and advocacy for getting LRT on the Green Line.

Last month we rolled out our latest brochure on the Green Line:

Green Means Go 1

Green Means Go 2


I am taking these brochures and my Green Line video on the road to tell Calgarians how they get involved in this project.  We are targeting a very broad audience of Calgarians for our engagement; from real estate boards to architecture firms to resident groups.  We are partnering with the LRT on the Green Foundation to clearly demonstrate that the political will exists for this significant expansion of Calgary’s LRT network.  Collectively we are encouraging Calgarians to lobby their Members of the Legislative Assembly and their Members of Parliament to make this project a priority.  If the other orders of government even matched the City of Calgary contribution to this project we would take a much needed step in the right direction.

For those of you on Twitter join the conversation at #GreenMeansGoYYC.  If you are interested in getting involved check out www.lrtonthegreen.ca or contact me directly here. 

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