Ward 12 Under Construction



Summer is one of the busiest seasons for the Roads department here at the City of Calgary.  My office has worked very closely with Roads over the last number of months to identify some areas in Ward 12 that are in need of attention.  Here are a few examples of the great work that Roads will be taking forward in your community:


Mahogany Traffic Circle

Traffic Circle

There were concerns from the community that instructions on how to successfully navigate the roundabout were not clear.  There were conflicting signs and no road markings.  Roads conducted a site visit and created a signage and a road marking design.  The designs were approved and sent to traffic operations for implementation.

The traffic operations crews painted lines inside traffic roundabout and the associated legs.  The traffic signs are being manufactured and have an approximate installation window of the week of July 13, 2015.

Auburn Bay Drive Lane End Signs

There were concerns that the lane end signs at Auburn Bay Drive and 52nd Street were far too close for drivers exiting 52 Street S to Auburn Bay Drive W.  A roads technician did a site visit and assessed the area.  A design work order was created to relocate existing lane ends signs further west (approx. 100m).

The signage was approved and sent for implementation.  The location was scheduled for permanent installation early in July.

146 Ave SE Maintenance


Portions of this road had deteriorated and made passage quite difficult.  The road was inspected by maintenance and was identified for fibre reinforced surface treatment.  The road remains on the list of gravel roads for future pavement.

On July 6 work was completed to control the dust on the road and address uneven portions of the gravel road.

Prestwick Street SE Alley Paving

This was identified as a local improvement project.  Excavation of the lane began with the first lift of asphalt being placed on June 8.  The final lift was placed on June 16.  The windows for paving are roughly two weeks and are weather dependent.  Roads works hard to get in and out of the lanes as quickly as possible.  Start to finish this lane was completed in 15 days.

114 Ave and Barlow Trail Signal Timing

Some citizens believed that the westbound left turn signal was too short.  On July 3 some minor changes were made to lengthen the left turn arrow during the PM peak period.  Roads will continue to monitor the intersection to determine if other signal improvements can be made.

Douglas Glen Blvd and 18th Street Signal Timing

Some citizens believed that the northbound left turn signal takes too long to activate.  On July 3 the east-west coordination was removed for the weekends.  This will improve responsive times for northbound turns.  New timings will be installed once the north leg is completed.

Auburn Bay Residential Parking Permits

Residents are requesting petitions for residential parking permits.  Auburn Bay is already established as a zone for residential parking permits.  Links have been provided to residents for the petitions and additional information.  In order to enact a parking restriction on a block 80% of residents must sign onto the petition.  The only area in Auburn Bay where parking permits are not allowed is Auburn Bay Blvd and Auburn Bay St.  Traffic is working with the community to come up with a solution for this unique space.

Cranleigh Way Playground Zones

A resident has requested for two playground zones to be installed near the entrance to Fish Creek Park.  I will be meeting with the resident and a representative from Roads to see what can be done.


To find out more about what the Roads team is taking forward please visit: http://www.calgary.ca/Transportation/Roads/Pages/Roads.aspx