Wondering About the Wetlands?

This summer produced some drier than usual conditions across Alberta.  Communities in SE Calgary are very well integrated among a network of vast wetlands.  These wetlands are critically important to the local ecosystem.

Throughout the summer a number of residents contacted our office about a overbearing sulphur smell in their communities.  These smells coupled with very warm overnight temperatures were making their lives very uncomfortable.  The City of Calgary did an investigation to narrow down exactly where the smells were coming from.  It was determined that the odour was coming from a series of alkali wetlands that surround Copperfield and Mahogany.

Copperfield s

While these wetlands typically are not an issue, the very dry conditions this summer contributed to these odours.  With some wetter and cooler conditions upon us, we have not received reports of any smells over the last number of weeks.  My office has been working very closely with the folks at the City of Calgary to solve this problem.  Identifying the source of the odours was a critical step in this process, and residents will likely receive a welcomed reprieve for the foreseeable future.  We will continue to work with The City to find a manageable solution to provide residents in Ward 12 the comfort and enjoyment they have come to expect from their communities.