Citizen Satisfaction Survey – What are Calgarians Saying?

Today the City of Calgary released the findings from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.  The information is always fascinating and provides some direction for which priorities are important to Calgarians.

Let’s take a look at a few of the City wide responses:

Customer Satisfaction - Overall

The most fascinating information for me is the key issues facing Calgary communities and how we can improve quality of life.  36% of Calgarians indicate that infrastructure, traffic and roads is the most important issue.  21% of Calgarians have identified transit as the most important issue.  30% of Calgarians outlined transportation as the biggest way to improve quality of life while 22% outlined transit.

This shows just how important transit is to Calgarians.  Investments in public transit make direct and meaningful improvements to our transportation network.  From commute times to environmental stewardship, investments in public transit satisfy a lot of priorities that are important to Calgarians.



69% of Calgarians feel that we should invest in Calgary transit including bus and CTrain service, and 62% feel that traffic flow management and transportation planning should be investment in.  A meaningful investment in Calgary Transit can deliver significant value for traffic flow management and transportation planning.


Calgarians have clearly communicated to The City that the economic downturn is having an impact on their households.  75% of Calgarians think the time is now to invest in new projects at a time when interest rates and construction costs are low.

Ward 12 Specific Data

So what are the residents of Ward 12 saying?

Quality of Life

93% of residents in Ward 12 respond that they have a high quality of life.  This is the highest rating in the entire City and is 8% higher than the City of Calgary average.  This figure is up 2% from the 2014 results.  We are making great strides in the deep southeast!

Proud of Neighbourhood

Ward 12 has some amazing neighbourhoods!  91% of residents in Ward 12 responded that they are proud to live in their neighbourhood.  This is 5% higher than the city average and 2% higher than the 2014 results.  Ward 12 had the 3rd highest score across the entire city!

Value for Taxes

Value for tax dollars is a key theme for Calgarians.  64% of Ward 12 residents believe that they are receiving value for their tax dollars.  While this is middle of the pack for Calgary, our increase from 2014 (6%) is the highest in the city.  Residents in Ward 12 are seeing tax dollars invested directly into their communities, but we still have a lot of work to do as we strive to bridge our infrastructure deficit.

You can see the full City of Calgary results here: Citizen Satisfaction Survey