Protect Yourself, Protect Your Neighbours, with Mask Safety

The Government of Alberta has provided The City of Calgary with 500,000 non-medical masks for distribution to residents.

The intent is for these masks to be available for Transit riders and other Calgarians who may not have the means or ability to access masks being provided at drive-thru locations.

My office has received 4,000 of these masks, and as of now have distributed 2000 of them.

During the July 21/22 Combined Meeting of Council, Calgary City Council voted to pass the temporary Face Coverings Bylaw (BYLAW NUMBER 26M2020

This bylaw will require individuals to wear a face covering in public premises and public vehicles. Unless the person is separated from others by a barrier or exempt.

Combined Meeting of Council. Item 12. Item 12.2.1 Mandatory Face Coverings, C2020-0845 begins at 3:45. You can watch it here

This is considered a necessary, recognized and effective method to limit the spread of COVID-19, thereby helping protect the health, safety and well-being of Calgarians

There is additional information available at

With that said, here is some helpful information that can help you stay safe, and protect others by wearing a mask. This information is available at