Property Tax Deferral and Addressing the 2020 Tax Rate

I have received a lot of feedback from residents since Council’s decision on Monday to approve the 2020 property tax by-laws and allow a deferral of property tax payments until September 30, 2020. I voted in favour of the bylaws and the deferral program. Some of the feedback I’ve received is “how could we possibly […]

Additional Resources

I understand during this trying time that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting many different areas of our lives. So, with that in mind I am passing along these resources that were shared with me in the hope that they might be helpful for the community during this time. ENMAX COVID-19 Relief Link Important Phone Numbers […]

Great News! Green Line Committee Update

Folks, this week we came a long way; The Green Line committee has made a great stride towards meaningful progression. Not only have we made a step towards restoring credibility and confidence in this project, we have done it in a way that keeps to our budget constraints and keeps our promise to Calgarians of […]

Property Assessments and the Customer Review Period

On January 2, 2020, the City mailed out over 500,000 assessment notices. These notices are also available online through the City’s myID. Assessment information can be found on the City’s website at The City encourages residents to sign up for e-notices through myID. This will cut down on paper, reducing costs as well as […]

The Council Transition Allowance Needs a Change

The Council transition allowance needs a change. I’ve said it before. I’m saying it now. However, there are a number of unique circumstance for Councillors that I will get into that leaves me disagreeing with the assessment that it should be outright scrapped. This is something that has been brought up before and I stand […]

On Retirement Allowances

So all of a sudden retirement allowances are in the news, despite this being something I have been working on for the better part of two years. Since it came up at committee on Tuesday, let’s take a look at the work that’s been going on. At the July 23, 2018 Council meeting, I made […]

The 2020 Budget:

Even when we do the right thing, we’re wrong Despite what you may have heard, Council did in fact approve an effective 0% change to the City’s operational budget. Before I get into the details, here’s an interesting tweet from an individual who has been very active in the political scene for a long time: […]

We Have One Shot at This

As a City Councillor, I have to wear at the very least two hats. The first hat is to represent the citizens of Ward 12. It’s the people in the communities of Riverbend, Quarry Park, Douglas Glen, McKenzie Towne, New Brighton, Copperfield, Mahogany, Auburn Bay, Cranston, Shepard and Seton that decided they wanted me to […]

Of Course I’m All In on the Green Line

If you have followed the course of my career as Ward 12’s representative, you know that I have been the fiercest advocate for the Green Line. After the news from the provincial budget came out regarding the Province’s third of the project’s costs, I was devastated and made comments suggesting I don’t know if I […]