It’s Time to Put an End to Weaponized Misinformation

It’s fast becoming my most used phrase, and believe me, I’m not too happy about that. It shouldn’t be something that I have to say. Councillors, as your elected representatives, have the duty to provide factual information, both to colleagues and to our residents. We keep running into situations where members of Council, outside organizations […]

Green Line Must Continue Moving Forward

There was a question posed on Twitter last night that I thought warranted a larger response than Twitter’s character limit would allow me. It’s also been a little while since I posted a Green Line blog, so it seems timely to respond to this question. The question: “Should we pull the pin on the Green […]

The Proposed Calgary 2019-2022 Budget

City Council will have a difficult task on its hands this week as we begin deliberations on the four-year budget cycle for 2019-2022. Downtown vacancies have resulted in buildings to continue losing their property values and increase the tax burden on non-residential property taxes outside of the core. Despite this, Calgary continues to grow and […]

An Update on Calgary’s Potential Olympic Bid

It has been a busy week in Olympics news with new funding information coming from the Federal government. On Wednesday Council was asked to reconsider the decision that we made on September 11, 2018 as set out in report C2018-1005: “1. In accordance with their decision of 2018 July 30, confirm that the vote of […]

Ward 12 Traffic Safety Meeting

My office is partnering up with The City of Calgary and Calgary Police Service (CPS) for our 2018 Ward 12 Traffic Safety meeting. At this year’s meeting we will be giving citizens an opportunity to share information about specific traffic issues in their communities. The City and CPS will also be on hand to hear […]

Ward 12 Speaker Series: Olympics

During my time on Council I have had a chance to work on a lot of issues that resonate with Calgarians. I can’t think of an issue that has resulted in more traffic to my office than the Olympic debate. And I think that’s a healthy thing. Council has voted to move ahead with a […]

Lowering Residential Speed Limits

Since I joined Council in 2010 residential street issues have been the top concern brought to my office by residents. Residents are deeply concerned about street safety and excessive speed in their communities. I support building safe streets within our communities. We achieve that through stronger enforcement and offering appropriate infrastructure on our roadways. On […]

2018 Civic Census – The Changing Face of Ward 12

A few weeks ago The City of Calgary released the 2018 Civic Census results. The 2018 data tells an interesting story about Calgary and an interesting story about Ward 12. So let’s take a look at some of the data: Calgary is now home to 1,267,344 people. That is up 21,007 from 2017, an increase […]

Let’s Talk About Transit!

Something exciting is coming to Calgary. Over the next year we will see one of the largest expansions in transit service in our history. The new service, called MAX, will change the way Calgarians move around our city. MAX will offer four brand new high-frequency direct connection routes: the South Crosstown BRT (opening fall 2018), […]