LRT on the Green Foundation

LRT on the Green is a non-profit society that is working to unite Calgarians in the desire to have LRT operating on the Green Line in both north central and southeast corridors by 2021.

LRT on the Green Goals:

  1. Unite Stakeholders and Citizens: Bring corporations and Calgarians together in advocating for improved transit with a common voice.
  2. Raise Awareness About the Green Line: Pursue various citizen engagement opportunities to make LRT on the Green Line a city wide discussion topic.
  3. Promote the Need for and Benefit of Investing in Rapid Transit: Raise awareness about the cost of congestion and the need for transit improvements along the Green Line corridor.
  4. Advocate for Transit Oriented Development: Pursue smart new growth and reinvestment in existing communities throughout Calgary.
  5. Evolve into a Citizen Driven Authority on Transit in Calgary: Pursue research, funding and advocacy opportunities.

LRT on the Green is making a valuable contribution to the future of Calgary. You can be a part of the action by visiting