Showing our Gratitude to Front Line Workers and Essential Service Staff

With the unanimous support from City Council, I am putting forth this Notice of Motion to publicly recognize Front Line Workers and Essential Service Staff with a ribbon campaign that would see decals placed on all City of Calgary owned vehicles.

PRESS RELEASE – The City Shows its Gratitude to Front Line Workers and Essential Service Staff with Commemorative Ribbon Campaign

For Immediate Release

Calgary, Alberta – Monday, April 27, 2020 – Councillor Shane Keating with the unanimous support of City Council will be bringing forward an Urgent Notice of Motion to the Combined Meeting of Council on Monday, April 27, 2020 and proposing the acceptance and placement of 5000 Front Line Workers and Essential Service Staff awareness ribbon decals on all City of Calgary owned vehicles.  

The intent of this campaign is to publicly recognize and show The City’s thanks to the Front Line Workers and Essential Staff Services with a with a symbol of commemoration, a ribbon decal for their selflessness and efforts to support Calgarians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“All though we can say thank you on the Council Floor, we need a public, noticeable way to express our deepest gratitude to the individuals working on the front line and providing Calgarians with the essential services necessary to the well-being of Calgary. Many of these people are our colleagues at The City; they supply us with clean water, fix our roads, provide our utilities, ensure our homes are working properly, and keep stores shelves stocked.”

  • Councillor Shane Keating, Ward 12

Can West Legacy Corporation, ULS landscaping, and other corporations are providing the decals to The City at no cost, with coordination by Sean Burnand and Shawna Sorensen.

“My staff have donated their time and this small gesture to simply say Thank-you to all the front line and essential service workers we thought was the very least we can do. We have also been approached by other companies wanting to assist, and I want to make it very clear we do not wish to profit from this is any way! This is just a Thank-you!”

  • Sean Burnand, Can West Legacy Corporation

Any organizations or individuals wishing to support this ribbon initiative, whether through donations, or are looking to acquire their own ribbons to display can contact Can West Legacy Corporation by visiting or emailing or calling 403-252-1800

NM 2020/04/27




WHEREAS the COVID-19 pandemic is forming a long-lasting impact on the lives of Calgarians, be it financially, mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually; now is the time to express our thanks to the Essential Service Workers on the front lines that are paramount to the well-being of Calgary;

AND WHEREAS, a ribbon is a traditional symbol of appreciation, respect and commemoration commonly displayed by citizens who support the efforts of our Essential Service Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Care Facility Providers, First Responders, Food Services, Transportation Services, Retail Services and Utilities Services, and many more too numerous to name;

AND WHEREAS this gesture is a simple thank you to all the Essential Service Workers, and is one of the few things The City can do to show our support for these individuals;

AND WHEREAS, Can West Legacy has secured financial backing (in part from Can West Legacy Corporation, ULS Landscaping, and other corporations), and are able to produce 5000 ribbon decals at no cost to The City of Calgary;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Council direct Administration to accept a donation of ribbons from Can West Legacy and place a new front line and essential services ribbon decal on all City of Calgary owned vehicles to show gratitude and support for all the efforts by Essential Service Workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AND FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED, that these new ribbons to be displayed on City of Calgary vehicles from now through to July 31, 2021.