More Green Line Confusion, When There is None

It’s interesting that the media presence raised on financing cost by Green Line Committee Vice Chair Councillor Jeff Davison, Green Line Committee member Councillor Ward Sutherland and Councillor Colley-Urquhart have always been accounted for. It’s not new information.

So, why is this south Calgary raised boy (that’s me, Shane Keating) promoting the Green Line to go from 16th to Shepherd?

It’s because this is the best plan for the City.

It’s also great to see the honorable Michelle Rempel to say anything that doesn’t go north of the river, is crazy talk.

Gosh, I’m actually surprised of the arising issue of Green Line costs. Seems some Councillors need an extra shot of espresso because they’ve forgotten the last 3+ years of Green line Committee Meetings.

 I wouldn’t want to think they weren’t paying attention…

Since 2017 the cost has not increased. This talk of $640 million is not new information.

Operating and maintenance costs have always been discussed, and will not happen till 2026. That gives us 6 years to secure it. And that amount has always been disused at City Council and Green Line Committee.

I understand that big projects can get confusing, and I’m a nice guy, so I’ll share my homework for anyone that needs to catch up (to the rest of the Councillors.)

Here’s the receipts

You can find the report: Here

And this report you can find: Here

This one you can find: Here

And this one: Here

This one was released on February 21, 2020 and shows the $640 million of financing costs.  This cost was regularly reported on the Green Line quarterly reports. 

If it feels like this is getting repetitive, you are not the only one. Since 2017 there have been numerous mentions of the Green Line costs.

Some members of Council are raising this issue, and yet, unaware of this coming up over 7 times since 2017. Especially peculiar for those sitting on the Green Line Committee.

So to say that the costs have escalated from previous projections?


Taxpayers “footing” the bill for financial operations?


That any of this is new information?


Below are some more examples of how the amounts have been discussed.