Congratulations to the new City Council

Being a former educator for 31 years, my life has constantly revolved around lessons and learning; working on Council with The City of Calgary has not been much different. Over the past ten years I have seen other’s focus more time on what’s wrong and not implementing lessons learned for improvement. Within our Country of […]

A Farwell, Thank you for the Memories

I would like to start this blog the same way I started in 2010, by stating I am here to learn. I can honestly say in whatever I am doing, if I left it better than when I came, it’s a great day. Today is a very great day, and I hope that everyone who […]

Appreciation Ribbons for City of Calgary Employees

Calgary is lucky to have so many individuals that believe in the worth and positive impact of the green line. See? I it doesn’t matter where or what topic, I can still sneak in the Green Line. This project is one of the many examples of how Calgarians are working together. That’s because we believe […]

Green Line: Shovels in Ground 2021? If not, is this a failure?

So, we’re closing in on the three-month procurement pause, which was announced back in December 2020, to accommodate the Government of Alberta’s request to hold high level discussions on concerns they expressed on the Green Line. With all the setbacks and delays this momentous infrastructure project has seen, I must ask… How much progress have […]

The Facts on the Residential Speed Limit Review

It’s clear to me and many others, that there are those who are set on listening to misinformation in the media. Especially when it comes to the Neighbourhood Speed Limit Review. Rather than take the time to properly represent the facts, certain columnists and even councillors just want to hijack the conversation, shout thin rhetoric […]

Green Line Credibility

I’ve always had great respect for Transportation Minister, Ric McIver. As an individual and as an elected official, and I still do. However, the statement the Alberta Government and Minister McIver’s office provided on Dec 17th, regarding the current hold-up of Calgarian’s Green Line is just an inaccurate statement. An inaccurate statement that I will […]

Safer Streets for Pedestrians and Motorists

One of the most common concerns my office receives from constituents are about traffic safety. I consider the right for residents, (which include pedestrians and motorists) to feel safe on their streets priority number one. Always has been, always will be. You might remember when I worked to introduce the implementation of Rectangular Rapid Flash […]

Foxtail Barley

As of lately my office has received a growing number of emails regarding the Foxtail Barley. Especially in the deep SE neighbourhoods. At this time, what The City can do is limited, so information is the first and most important step we can take in this situation. For more information about Foxtail Barley click here […]

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Neighbours, with Mask Safety

The Government of Alberta has provided The City of Calgary with 500,000 non-medical masks for distribution to residents. The intent is for these masks to be available for Transit riders and other Calgarians who may not have the means or ability to access masks being provided at drive-thru locations. My office has received 4,000 of […]