A first phase of the Green Line LRT is estimated to cost roughly $4.6B. In order for this first phase to be feasible the Green Line would need to have access to a maintenance facility (at Shepard Station behind 130th Ave SE) and reach the downtown. The typical funding model for a public infrastructure project of this scope would see the Federal Government contribute one-third of the funding, the Provincial Government contribute one-third of the funding and the Municipal Government contribute one-third of the funding.

Funding to Date1-fund


City of Calgary Funding

To date the City of Calgary has committed $520M to the Green Line LRT. In 2013 Council made the decision to dedicate $52M annually over 10 years to the Green Line. While the decision to dedicate this funding to the project was controversial at the time, it has proven critical to move the LRT forward. By taking a leadership role on Green Line funding, the City of Calgary was able to attract funding from the other orders of government.

On December 14, 2015 Council agreed to extend the original commitment of $52M annually from 10 years to 30 years. By making this extension the City of Calgary was able to secure $1.56B in funding for the Green Line without raising taxes on Calgarians.



Government of Canada Funding


On July 24, 2015 the Government of Canada made a historic funding announcement committing $1.53B to the Green Line LRT. This funding was contingent on matching funds from the Provincial and Municipal Governments. This funding announcement was the largest ever contribution by the Government of Canada to an infrastructure project in Alberta.

The funding announcement specifically outlined that the Federal Government would contribute one-third of the project costs up to $1.53B. This funding would be available when the City of Calgary made a formal application that satisfied a set of criteria established by the Federal Government. This criteria included a P3 screen process.

On October 19, 2015 Canadians elected a Liberal majority government. Throughout the campaign the Liberals confirmed that they would honour the Green Line LRT funding commitment from the previous government. I am looking forward to working with the newly elected Liberal government to identify ways that the original funding announcement could be enhanced.

Government of Alberta Funding

To date the Provincial Government has not contributed any funding to the Green Line LRT. The City of Calgary has had numerous informal discussion regarding the Green Line with our provincial colleagues and stressed the importance of this project. I am very hopeful that the Provincial Government will commit to their one-third of funding and allow the full scope of this project to move forward.