An Introduction to the Green Line:

It is my goal to help bring the Green Line to Calgary and make Calgarians more connected than ever before.
So what exactly is the Green Line?

The Green Line will be a vital piece of Calgary’s transit network, connecting southeast and north central Calgary. Made up of two legs: the north leg will run from the future community of Keystone to downtown, and will connect with the southeast leg that extends into the community of Seton and the South Health Campus.

A dedicated Transitway will be built with the initial funding. This Transitway will host buses only and be converted to LRT once additional funding is secured.Green-Line-Map



Quick facts about the Green Line

  • The completion of the Green Line is estimated to add an additional 50,000 transit trips per day.
  • It is estimated that the completed Green Line would reduce city wide congestion by 10-15% and reduce total vehicle kilometers traveled by 35-40%.
  • The Green Line will service eight employment hugs (job projections by 2043):
    1. Keystone Hills – 3,500 jobs
    2. Aurora – 6,700 jobs
    3. Country Hills – 2,900 jobs
    4. Glenmore/Barlow – 4,900 jobs
    5. Quarry Park – 8,300 jobs
    6. Douglasglen – 2,000 jobs
    7. South Trail Crossing – 6,000 jobs
    8. Seton (not including the South Health Campus – est. 5,000 jobs) – 5,200 jobs
  • Total city population today is 1.19 million, increasing to 1.89 million by 2043.
    • 290,000 Calgarians are estimated to live along the Green Line corridor, expecting to increase to 465,000 by 2043.
  • Once completed the Green Line will add 40 kms of LRT track to the existing 53 kms of track…nearly doubling the size of the Calgary’s LRT network.