Calgary Olympic Bid – A Fact Based Debate

I pride myself on being a pretty sensible guy. I think the best way to represent the residents of Ward 12 is by striving to be as informed as possible on the issues that come before Council. You can read some more details on my decision making process here. Being informed means understanding the facts […]

Fire Response “Fake News”

Good public policy is based on facts. Often times the big challenges for a Councillor are sifting through what is fact and what is fiction. Unfortunately, when decisive issues come before Council we see lobby efforts that try to blur the lines of what is real and what isn’t. On Monday, March 5th the Planning […]

Solving Calgary’s landfill problem

The Shepard Landfill has seen some significant service changes over the last year. The latest changes would see Shepard Landfill close to all traffic except for industrial waste customers and the Green Cart fleet on a four day a week schedule. I’ll start this commentary off by stating that I am not supportive of these […]

Secondary suite reform coming before Council.

It is time for Council to agree on secondary suite reform. Next week Council will consider a Notice of Motion that will see sweeping changes to the way applications are currently handled. Here is a copy of the Notice of Motion: This Motion has three key components: Secondary suites would move to a discretionary use […]

Could Calgary be a leader in autonomous vehicle testing?

Technology is changing the world. It changes the way we communicate, it changes the way we work and it changes the way we move. When it comes to transportation the future is autonomous. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are already making an impact in North America and the technology is steadily improving. It is predicted that by […]

An Olympic-Sized Fork in the Road

Should (or could) Calgary host the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2026? That’s a question Calgarians have been mulling over for some time now. On Monday Council will be faced with an interesting crossroads – do we continue this process, or do we take the off ramp? Council had previously given $5M in funding to […]

The Election is Over – Time to Get to Work

There are few things more humbling than a re-election campaign, especially for an incumbent. I ran on my track record as your local representative for the last 7 years. What I was offering to residents of Ward 12 was my same dedication and passion for the priorities that I have been fighting for since 2010. […]