An Olympic-Sized Fork in the Road

Should (or could) Calgary host the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2026? That’s a question Calgarians have been mulling over for some time now. On Monday Council will be faced with an interesting crossroads – do we continue this process, or do we take the off ramp? Council had previously given $5M in funding to […]

The Election is Over – Time to Get to Work

There are few things more humbling than a re-election campaign, especially for an incumbent. I ran on my track record as your local representative for the last 7 years. What I was offering to residents of Ward 12 was my same dedication and passion for the priorities that I have been fighting for since 2010. […]

The $23.7M Question

Election campaigns are a great time for Calgarians to hear where candidates stand on the issues. But it’s also a time for listening – as one resident told me over the weekend “we have two ears and one mouth for a reason”. Campaigns are also a time for the majority to be heard. Outside of […]

Could Ward 12 be a Landing Spot for Amazon?

I’m sure most Calgarians have heard by now that Amazon is looking to open a second HQ in North America. This has left many folks asking themselves “could Amazon be looking at Calgary?” The question could be asked “why Calgary?” but I’d rather focus on “why not Calgary?” As a city, we need to create […]

A New Arena For Calgary – Are We Doing Enough?

One of the most talked about issues in Calgary right now is the ongoing debate about a new arena and event centre. These are the kinds of debates that capture the imagination and the passion of Calgarians. Negotiations between the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC) and The City of Calgary have been ongoing for […]

Changes are Coming to Calgary’s Public Art Policy

Public art has been one of the biggest topics around City Hall over the last month. The unveiling of a new art installation, Bowfort Towers, has brought to light some significant issues facing our current Public Art Policy. Calgarians have raised some very serious concerns about the selection process for our public art both in […]

2017 Civic Census Shows Growth Continues in SE

Last week The City unveiled the results from the 2017 Civic Census. The full details of the Census can be found here – 2017 Civic Census Here are a few of the highlights of the results: Calgary’s population is 1,246,337. This total is up 11,166 residents from 2016 (0.9% increase) A significant proportion (10,192 people) […]

Expanding Value of Green Line Stage 1

Stage 1 of the Green Line is big step forward, but undeniably it falls short of the expectations that many of us had. We heard frustration from Members of Council, we heard frustration from colleagues in other orders of government and most importantly we heard frustration from Calgarians. I pride myself on being a problem […]