Appreciation Ribbons for City of Calgary Employees

Calgary is lucky to have so many individuals that believe in the worth and positive impact of the green line. See? I it doesn’t matter where or what topic, I can still sneak in the Green Line.

This project is one of the many examples of how Calgarians are working together. That’s because we believe in making Calgary better for everyone, and that’s no science fiction. You don’t need lightspeed space crafts and roaring Wookies to usher in the future.

You just need to trust in the power of people, provide opportunities for everyone, and let city initiatives be motivated by a force of good. I am proud to be part of the many Calgarians doing just that.

Here at the City of Calgary, our colleagues have and will continue to serve with pride. These past 11 years have been quite the ride. While our city has seen many changes, the desire of City staff, to work hard for their fellow citizens has not changed one bit.

Each year we refine, we optimize and we endeavor to live up to Calgary’s world-class reputation. We have a lot to live up to. To think we started in 1875 as just a small community. It is thanks to the diversity of our communities that we are able to capitalize on industry and development alike.

Indigenous Peoples, farmers, cattle ranchers, innovators, and many more. All linked by our desire to share our vision of Calgary with the rest of the world with City-shaping infrastructure that united our hearts and minds.

Proud doesn’t begin to describe the feelings I have in my heart for the many thousands and thousands of individuals focused on creating a better Calgary.

That’s why we are presenting small token of our appreciation, a ribbon, that’s just an inkling of appreciation we have for the collective drive we share, and for those focusing on building a better city.

I have sat on this council for over a decade, a fleeting snapshot in the history of our city. While my story is wrapping up, Calgary embarks on a new chapter. One that will kick off with this demonstration of appreciation to all City employees, and will hopefully sow the seeds for our brighter future as all our city of Calgary colleagues are proudly serving our great city, while making life better, everyday for everyone.

So, with the presentation of 20,000 ribbons, 5000 for all the vehicles in the City’s fleet, and 1 for each city employee. I hope that council will join me in saying thank you.

This is thanks to the donations from…

Ward 12 Councillor Shane Keating
Ward 1 Councillor Ward Sutherland
Ward 3 Councillor Jyoti Gondek
Ward 5 Councillor George Chahal
Ward 6 Councillor Jeff Davison
Ward 7 Councillor Druh Farrell
Ward 8 Councillor Evan Woolley
Ward 9 Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra
Ward 10 Councillor Ray Jones
Ward 13 Councillor Diane Colley-Urquhart
Ward 14 Councillor Peter Demong
Can West Legacy Inc
Tuxedo Mills and Molding Inc
Laird’s Spindle and Railing Inc
Easy Trim Fence Guard Inc
Calculated Structured Designs
DP Energy
Rick Balbi Architect Ltd.
Kumlin Sullivan
Section 23
McManes Automotive Group
Quantum Place
Situated Consulting
West Creek Developments