Foxtail Barley

As of lately my office has received a growing number of emails regarding the Foxtail Barley. Especially in the deep SE neighbourhoods.

At this time, what The City can do is limited, so information is the first and most important step we can take in this situation.

For more information about Foxtail Barley click here

It should be noted that Foxtail barley is a perennial weed, which is not legislated in Alberta. Which means our Integrated Pest Management group does not control Foxtail Barley because…

  1. it isn’t a legislated weed and
  2. there aren’t any herbicides that have proven to be very effective for controlling it.

While it’s not poisonous, it can, and unfortunately, has caused injury to some dogs. This can be caused by blisters that form once the brown seeds/awns are stuck to the body. Although this is not common. It is still cause for concern.

  • It’s important that you do not walk your dog on private property that may contain a large volume of Foxtail Barley.
  • If a large amount of Foxtail Barely has blown into your yard, it would be in your best interest to rake it, and bag it. (if not for your own pets, for your neighbours)

Our office is currently reaching out to developers to ask them to keep foxtail barley under control.

We are involved with escalating 311 calls and reports of large areas of Foxtail Barley.

You can also contact your local MLA. You can find them by clicking here