Tree Depris Clean Up Progress

Tree Debris Clean Up Progress

The City of Calgary has made great progress cleaning up Calgary’s communities after last month’s snow storm. More than 16, 000 tonnes of tree debris has been taken to the landfill for mulching, and the number keeps rising every day. Almost 75% of Calgary has been cleared of tree debris one month after the snow.

To understand where your community is at in the process, a debris removal map has been added to Communities highlighted in green have already seen debris cleared from front streets, back alleys and boulevards. Yellow communities will see crews begin work shortly.

When you see crews in your area, please remember to move your car away from debris piles to allow easy access for workers.

If you miss debris removal crews in your community, the quickest way to dispose of tree debris is to take it to one of The City’s three landfills, or to a leaf and pumpkin drop-off site.

Partial closures remain in some areas within parks, due to potential safety risks from storm-damaged trees. As well, some natural area trails will remain closed until the higher-priority community cleanups are completed.

Please remember to be aware whenever you are around large trees. Storm-damaged trees may become hazardous if the wind picks up. We encourage you to look up and assess your surroundings to remain safe, whether in your yard, in a park, or walking down the sidewalk.

If you have concerns about a tree on your property, consult a certified arborist for assistance. Concerns about City trees can be called into 3-1-1.

Thank you for your support as we work to clear tree debris from your community!