Calgary Property Taxes and the 2015 Budget

After lengthy deliberations, Council was able to agree on the 2015 budget.  This budget passed with a 14-1 vote.  In order to respond to the aggressive growth and development in Calgary over the last year, the budget for 2015 saw a 4.5% increase.

Calgarians have seen substantial increases in their property values over the last few years.  This growth has been frustrating for many Calgarians as they have also seen considerable increases in the value of their property taxes.

In 2004 the base residential municipal tax rate was 0.003996.  The 2014 rate was 0.003747.  With a rising tax value every year it is often easy to confuse a raise in property value with a dramatic increase to your base taxation rate.  Annual factors have contributed to rises or decreases in the City of Calgary budget.   In 2014 Calgarians enjoyed a reimbursement of $52 million on their tax assessment.  This reimbursement saw Calgarians enjoy a rebate of up to $300 for 2014 only.


Residential historical property tax rates

Year Residential
​2014 ​0.0037470 ​0.0023559 ​0.0061029
2013 0.0037968 0.0025253 0.0063221
2012 0.0034565 0.0027093 0.0061658
2011 0.0032045 0.0024635 0.0056680
2010 0.0031380 0.0027354 0.0058734
2009 0.0026402 0.0023599 0.0050001
2008 0.0024151 0.0021887 0.0046038
2007 0.0028841 0.0025773 0.0054614
2006 0.0039994 0.0036839 0.0076833
2005 0.0039675 0.0040623 0.0080298
2004 0.0039960 0.0041635 0.0081595


With unprecedented growth in Calgary, especially in areas like Ward 12, the City has had to explore budgetary increases to sustain the level of service to Calgarians.  The City does not have the same array of revenue streams that other levels of government enjoy, and often raises in property taxes are the only way for the City to respond to increased demand on services.

You can find more information regarding Property Taxes here.

I am committed to ensuring that the residents of Ward 12 are getting the absolute best value for their tax dollars.  Our Ward is one of the fastest growing in the entire city, and with that growth comes some unfortunate growing pains.

Many residents are enjoying considerable growth in their property value, but with this growth they have also seen an increase in their property tax value.  As our communities grow the infrastructure deficiencies become increasingly obvious.  The residents of Ward 12 deserve to have greater access to local schools, convenient and accessible recreation facilities that offer a wide variety of programs and transit options that are accessible and affordable.  I will continue to fight hard to make sure your tax dollars go towards bridging the infrastructure deficit that Ward 12 continues to face.

On February 3, 2015 I will be hosting the Ward 12 Open House at Cranston Century Hall.  At this Open House you will have the opportunity to speak with various departments from the City of Calgary and find out what exciting changes are coming to Ward 12 in 2015.  I look forward to speaking with you further in the New year.