Reforming the Secondary Suite Process

Calgary’s approach to secondary suites has come under quite a bit of criticism in recent years.  Council has had a difficult time finding consensus to reform a system that is currently not serving Calgarians as well as it could.

I have been working with my Council colleagues for the last number of months to lay the framework for a new approach.  In collaboration with my colleagues I have come up with a Notice of Motion to address some of the major issues facing our current process.  This isn’t a perfect solution, but I believe it helps Council take some meaningful steps forward on secondary suites.  There are two pieces of supplementary documentation that Council will consider in conjunction with the Notice of Motion.  The first is a map that clearly shows zones where secondary suites will be permitted, discretionary or unchanged from the current system.  The second document gives some suggested tools and more specific direction for administration to consider as they reform the current process.

This Motion comes before Council next week.

NM – Reforming the Secondary Suite Process


Supplemental Package
Suites Map
Proposed Secondary Suite Zones