Work Continues on Bow River Pathway

Slope movement along the Bow River Pathway in Douglasdale and McKenzie Lake have seriously damaged a 3.5 km section of the path. Over the last few years The City has been studying the movement on the slope in hopes of developing a strategy to secure the pathway and prevent further movement. The study was completed and in late fall of 2015 Council approved an administration report that identified design plans to protect the pathway.

The nature of this geotechnical work requires firm ground for crews to work on. The fall and winter allow for ideal construction conditions. Crews were able to get started on the project in the fall of 2016 and the cool weather has allowed for them to continue. The early remediation work has focused on using construction equipment to drill piles to provide firm ground for the top of the pathway area.

Crews will continue working on localized improvements in 2017 with the hopes that construction of the longer term solution can also commence at that time. During this time the pathway will remain closed until construction is completed.

Below is a brief video of the crews at work in December of 2016.

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