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Province Won’t Commit to 212th Ave/Deerfoot Interchange

Transportation infrastructure is one of the biggest responsibilities of government. Safely and efficiently moving people and goods throughout our country is a shared responsibility that blends through Municipal, Provincial and Federal jurisdictions. This shared responsibility is why building strong partnerships to deliver critical infrastructure is so important. I cannot think of a more pressing issue […]

Residential Traffic Safety Strategy

Residential traffic safety is hugely important to Calgarians.  Every month my office receives numerous phone calls from residents expressing concerns about the residential streets in their communities. I believe that Calgarians have a right to feel safe on their residential streets.  Appropriate speed, appropriate signage, better pedestrian, cyclist and motorist infrastructure and user attentiveness are […]

Why Doesn’t Calgary Work for Uber?

Council recently approved bylaw amendments that allow for Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), like Uber, to legally operate in Calgary. Shortly after Council ended, a representative from Uber sent me this email: Dear Councillor Keating, I wanted to forward you the message that was sent to registered Uber users in Calgary following Council’s decision. If you have any […]

The Government of Alberta Needs to Fund the Green Line…But How?

In November I brought this Notice of Motion to Council: Last week Mayor Nenshi sent the official letter to the Transportation Minister requesting funding for the Green Line LRT. Difficult Times in Alberta Completion of the Green Line will require a funding commitment from the Provincial Government.  The Members of the Legislative Assembly I have […]